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Whether you’re looking a new brand or revising an existing one, understanding where you are now is critical first step. At XUXOM, we help brands discover where they are and where they’re going in the future. With positioning and brand development, we help you tell your story through research, positioning and development. 

Website Design

Website design starts with a solid brand and works from an understading of your needs. Taking into consideration innovative design and user experience, we elevate the process of web design to tell the story of your brand. Responsive web design makes your website easy to use, love and drive results. 


Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google AdWords teams help your website get found by both search engines and new customers. While the SEO may have been a one-time serivce in the past, it now requires ongoing support. When it comes to search, let our team of SEO and Google AdWords experts have your back. 

Social Media Management

The best practice of SEO is engagement. When used correctly you can start to understand the perceptions, attitudes and behaviors for your customers. Engaging with customers on social media helps drive sales and establish brand trust. We help business develop marketing programs that integrate social media. 

Logo Design

We aim to create recognizable and well-designed logos that accentuate your brand’s personality and identity. By creating a recognizable character that presents well across all of your communication. It helps create brand recognition and consistency. We create logos through extensive research, progressive designs, and extensive communication.

Bloggin & Content

Our content management team authors, optimizes, post and manages ongoing, SEO-optimized blog content to improve SEO and reach website goals. Monthly reporting includes traffic overview, keyword ranking and tracking, social media engagement, assessment of over performance, ongoing goals and benchmark and upcoming content development planning. 

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