Jig, Tooling, and Fixture 

We specialize in custom jigs, tools, and fixture to ensure quality, efficiency, and worker safety. We provide solutions for your jig, tooling & fixture needs by applying our resources in engineering, manufacturing, 3D Printing, and CNC machining to create assembly nest, tools, holding fixtures, vacuum pads, test fixtures, Poka-Yokes, and 5S tools to fit your needs and solve your problems.

Clamping Fixture
Toogle Clamp Fixture 

Fixture clamps are just one essential component that can be used across many industries and applications, from auto manufacturing to industrial plants. This guide goes over some basics of these clamps, so you can make an informed decision when in search of accessories.

Assembly Holding Fixture
Automotive Assembly Fixture

Assembly fixtures are devices that speed up the production of identical parts. A quality assembly fixture is an integral part of optimizing your machining process. Fixtures must be arranged and set before assembly based on the particular operating tools that will be used. Once set, the right fixtures increase your overall production speed and quality.

Testing Fixture
Testing Fixture Table 

Suitable for application in the production line, and with the rapid clamp, can be repeated for the same product for several tests.The advantages of rapid clamp itself can significantly shorten both the time to install the test items, and the education and training hour. So there are some advantages that make easy to use, quick to get started and shorten the installation time. This product can be customized according to needs.